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May 1, 2019

How to Get Started Streaming


Excited to start streaming and enjoying your favorite content, but don’t know what to use or
where to stream it too? We’ve got you covered! Here are some steps to take you from setup to
binging in no time at all.

First, make sure you have already purchased your subscription plan so your account is prepped
and ready in our system. download the Texas Premium IPTV app on the devices you plan to
watch on. Compatible devices include Apple iOS and Android phones and tablets, Amazon
firesticks, mag boxes ( click here for the mag URL ) and even on your smart TV. For specific
device downloads, click here so you can go directly to the app store for your specific device.

Do note that the Texas Premium IPTV app can only be used for four separate devices at a time.
The app also can only be used for one mobile device outside of your home. If at any point you
decide to switch the app onto a new device or deactivate your app access on another count, text
our support line at 979-217-1556.

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