May 1, 2019

Thinking Of Cutting The Cord?


The term IPTV may sound unfamiliar, but I am fairly certain that you have been using IPTV. IPTV is the method that makes the streaming of video possible. Netflix, Hulu you name it all make use of IPTV. But how exactly does IPTV work, how is it different from regular cable TV and how will it be taking over the world?

How does IPTV work?

IPTV is the abbreviation for Internet Protocol TV, which basically means that the Internet Protocol is what is used to communicate television.

The limitation of cable or satellite tv is that you can only view what’s being broadcasted at that exact moment since you simply receive the signals that are being broadcasted.

This works a bit different for IPTV, your internet connection is used instead of cable to communicate the tv. This means that you can view tv shows or movies when you want to instead of having a set schedule. This is also called VOD or Video on Demand.

But IPTV has other ways of broadcasting TV as well. You also have time-shifted media which allows you to watch back shows you have missed but only for a limited amount of time. So, you can watch last week’s episode of a series but not last year’s episode.

The third option is just simple live tv watching, it’s just online. It works the same way as live tv but it’s casted via the internet.

Why will IPTV take over cable?

IPTV is growing each day as more and more people sign up for these services, and more services are constantly appearing. Even cable companies are offering IPTV to their customers, so they can watch TV on their phone for example.

The future of TV is definitely in IPTV since it makes people a lot more independent. It gives them the ability to choose what TV they will be paying for and what TV not. It also gives them the ability to choose exactly when they will be watching something in stead of being stuck with a schedule.

IPTV will continue to grow, and the growth won’t be ending any time soon.

Different streaming services

You are probably familiar with Netflix, Hulu and HBO but new streaming services are appearing each day giving you access to more and more tv. So, what are the best streaming services that are currently available?

Netflix is still one of the biggest streaming services, which has its reasons. Netflix offers a great deal of series and movies for a relatively low price so it will always be a good pick.

If you’re a lover of old school TV but still want to stream then Hulu is a good choice for you, and Hulu is definitely one of the cheapest streaming services.

If you want to watch a lot of sports then you may want to take a look at FuboTV, it’s not cheap but then you will be able to watch all the sports that you want.

Sling is another really good option for people who completely want to cut the cord and watch all their tv via IPTV.

Another live tv premium subscription that you want to check out is Texas Premium. It offers great live tv, all the sports, and you can watch just about anything you want with Texas Premium.

Finally, there is HBO, just because they have a couple of really good shows like Game of Thrones that you can only get on HBO.

In conclusion, IPTV will be taking over the world so it’s probably a good idea to take a look at it and see what’s all possible with IPTV.


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